Sunday, 13 October 2013

Orange Is The New Black

These photos were all taken last weekend, because I am now back in the prison they call school. Not next week but the week after is my exam week and so study has consumed my life. This is also on top of all the other dance, acting and singing classes so I am very sorry but blogging has taken a slight backseat. This won't be for long however, once exams and end of year concerts are done I'll be all yours for the Summer Holidays. These photos were actually taken when I went to the the Fleet show in the city, I'm wearing a orange valleygirl crop top, denim pinafore from valleygirl, jellies from cotton on, sunglasses from Dangerfield and necklace from pompom and co.
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Friday, 4 October 2013

Pretty in Pink

Today's pictures were mainly taken at the local library on my digital camera. Yay! finally managed to get it working. I'm trying to enjoy these last few days of holidays before I go back to school and exams. Sigh... Anyway, apart from trying to desperately catch up on study and holiday homework, I've been shopping, beaching and blogging.
The top today was a recent buy that I love from Valleygirl, skirt from Brandy Melvilee, shoes from hype and necklace from Diva. I don't think you guys can see it to clearly but the necklace is a series of golden skulls. My family says it reminds them of a Indiana Jones movie. But I love it and I like to add a touch of grungey vibe to the otherwise pretty in pink outfit. Hope you guys have a great weekend!
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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Trending Up: This weeks trends according to me

1) Pink- I love pink, it makes me happy

2) Healthy Food- going on a bit of a health food kick, my best friend is super into healthy eating so she kind of dragged me along and I'm hooked. Recently up the road they opened a new food place designed especially for people like us. Everything is either or a combination of organic, vegetarian, vegan, whole food, wholegrain etc.

3) Electric, colorful tees- When looking through my wardrobe earlier this week I realised that 99% of it was black or white. For a couple of years black and white was pretty much all I wore, I was really into the grunge look. Now I'm kind of more looking for a brighter look (hence pink, see above). Thus the shop for some awesome coloufuful t-shirts came about. These ones are from The Birdcage Boutique and the one below it from Escapology worn by the beautiful Isabella from Views of Now. Completely and utterly in love. 

4) Cameras- I figured out how to charge my camera. Yay! Photos taken by it coming soon.
5) This hair- I want to dye and cut my hair like this so bad
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