Sunday, 29 September 2013

Your Never Fully Dressed Wihtout A Good Hat

I don't understand while not enough people wear hats. Hats have everything going for them, they:
1) Shield your face from the sun- News flash people- skin cancer, melanoma etc. Need I say more?
2) Disguise bed head- who actually has time to do their hair in the morning, hats are an instant full-proof disguise
3) Create the appearance of you being someone distinguished- when you're wearing a hat you hold your head high, hats increase your sense of well-being and importance, people will always follow the person wearing the hat

So from here on in the campaign to bring hats back in to the fashion limelight is back with vengeance. Some of my personal favourites include:

1) The Bowler- stylish and suave this hat has been around for centuries and will be for very more. This hat is not just for men or the daringly stylish, bowler hats are actually suprisingly easy to pull off
2) Straw or Felt Sun hat- I love them both. Felt is more hipster and in at the moment but I prefer Straw. This hats are awesome they both are stylish and protect from sun (see above)

3) Cloche hat- take me to the 1920s, the Great Gatsby brought these babies back lets not let them get away again
4) Beanies- are beanies even hats? Well they cover your head and that's good enough for me.

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