Saturday, 14 September 2013

Wish List: Sheinside

Ever heard of the brand Sheinside? No, then you are missing out, here are just some of the gorgeous things you can find on their site at I really really love them and they are an amazing brand with heaps to offer to you fellow bloggers and readers. There is something at sheinside for everyone. They have some especially great dresses, shorts and skirts for other sydney siders gearing up for Summer!

Plus all of these come at really cheap prices. In other news I went shopping today! This is always an exciting adventure but even more so now as there are now two gorgeous products for you to be. We have storybook bunting $15 and Aztec skull print tees $20. Check them out on my Instagram @themoonlabel
Please, please, please, check them out


  1. I need a pair of skorts in my life and those are so cute! Cute wish list


  2. Sheinside has this pair of studded shorts right now that I'm obsessed with. That orange sweater isn't bad either ;)

    xo Ashley

  3. This is the most adorable blog I have ever seen!

    <3 Naa